Saturday, December 26, 2009

Philadelphia - It's Amish Time!

Philadelphia! Got to head up and check out Paul's hometown for Christmas. I guess you could call it the "Philadelphia: I Ain't Afraid of No Carbs" tour as we grabbed delicious food left and right. From farmer's markets, Italian markets to his Aunt Grace's kitchen, it was everywhere and it was good. REAL GOOD.

First day in and we visited Booth's Corner. An indoor farmers market that has lots of homemade Amish goodies. One side is homemade pastries, cheese, meats from local Amish farms and the other side is your general American random garage sale crap. Quite the dichotomy and so much fun.

Philadelphia - It's Amish Time!

Paul, Zeb and shoo-fly pie.

Off to the orchard for apple cider. So fresh you could smell the rind in the bottle.

Jam, anyone?

Pretty trees.

Moss and icicles!

Philadelphia - Mutter Museum and Italian Market

Paul, Laura and me all went downtown Christmas Eve day to check out some pickled oddities and bread. What does that mean? Well, it's a morning trip to the Mutter Museum to check out skulls, siamese twins, shrunken heads and disturbing things in a jar - then pizza and fresh bread at the Italian market.

Pre-med Laura reveled in the medical monuments and knew some crazy cool stuff about brains.The museum was good but when it began to impair my ability to eat more, I had to take a break near the shrunken heads. A very fun day downtown.

So cold, even Santa needs a coat.

Philadelphia - Mutter Museum and Italian Market

Awesome mural of a bad-ass Philly mayor.

Laura and Paul post Mutter Museum finished with brains and ready for bread.

Sarcone's Bakery and some damn good pizza. The ladies who worked the counter kept calling everyone, Honey. "What else you want, Honey?"

The bread we picked up was probably the best bread I've ever eaten and as I held the bag while eating my pizza, it kept me warm.

Philadelphia - Mutter Museum and Italian Market

Skyline outside of Sarcone's Deli

Paul waiting on his seven hoagies.

Pondering the meaning of Christmas in the hoagie waiting room. Either that, or it's the beginning stages of a bread coma.

A Very Merry Philadelphia Christmas

Evan and Michael on the hunt for Evan's presents.

What did Johnny get?

Paul, Stephanie and Evan assembling the bubble machine Aunt Susan got him. It takes a village to power a bubble plane.

A Very Merry Philadelphia Christmas

Uncle Paul working on the bubble machine power outage.

Aunt Grace getting some cool gifts after giving us all the gift of her amazing cooking.

Uncle Ken's turn on the gift parade - Merry Christmas! Philadelphia rocks!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What a Difference a Desk Makes

Holy crap.

If I had known working on a desk was this awesome, I would have bought one years ago.

Got this sawhorse desk last week and was amazed at how easy it was to assemble and now I'm amazed how easy it is to work on which I got to enjoy today.

The whole house is made of Dade county pine which makes you feel like you're living in a log cabin. I LOVE IT. Great light and I have a big window facing a park.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Coconuts at the Graveyard

The Darlings at Art Basel!

Jim and Tina of Jim and Tina Darling. The coolest, most talented artists ever!

Their kick ass piece in the front window of the gallery. A flying pig being thrown like a dart.

Their names on the wall with a bunch of their art idols.

Drove up to Miami to catch my good friends Jim & Tina Darling get some serious props at their Art Basel show.

Their piece was amazing and the crowd loved it. Gotta love me some Jim and Tina. Was good to see them up in Miami and am really looking forward to chilling out with them in Key West on Monday!

The Darlings at Art Basel!