Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks 2012

Dear 2012, 

You taught me lots of stuff. Mostly how to play, put away the past and see the importance of my place in the present. 

I really do have everything I need.

Now, one last tourist push and then a much needed break from the holidays. 

Come on 2013! Happy New Year

Saturday, December 22, 2012

End of the World. Day Two.

Is it just me or does everything seem brighter today?

Put your hands on the wheel. 
Let the Golden Age begin....

Led Zeppelin and Brain Scan

Reason #1001 to love this town.

Got off work and heard there was a good Led Zeppelin band playing at the Parrot. 

they. were. AWESOME.

Zoso is their name and it was a flashback to the 70's complete with double headed guitars and big hair. People were loving it.

Then I saw this guy outside setting up so I ran out.

"Can you scan me?!" I asked.

I've seen him scan people's auras but this time he was doing brain scans. He handed me a helmet and then an x-ray print out of my skull. 

I immediately got Fernando to try it and told the scan dude Fern was a Scientologist. A real Thetan. As he handed Fern the picture we both started laughing cause it was an alien head.

So awesome. Love my random Friday night after work. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Almost there

Spanish Goat coming along nicely. Really love the weirdness coming out of it. 

Speaking of weird, been a strange week for sure. I imagine its just the start of this holiday season.

God bless paint and pictures.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oy vey

How do you tell your friend that you burned a portrait he did of you? After a couple of martini's, wine and it goes a little like this:

Me: "Eric. Eric, I have to tell you something about that painting you gave me."

Eric: "You burned it."

Me: "Yes! How did you know?"

Eric: "Wait, what? You burned it???"

I had been wanting to tell him for over a year but how exactly do you begin that conversation? Drinks.

It was a snapshot he took of me before I was going in to work at a restaurant on Duval that I loathed working at. I was miserable counting down the minutes before having to go in. He captured it perfectly and did a portrait which he eventually gave to me. The title was "Friday"

At first, I loved it and thought it was an awesome gesture but then... Something about it just held this person I was no longer and it had a lot of pain in it. So I got the notion of releasing it, me, and that meant burning it. But who burns a friends painting? Me.

Surprisingly, Eric took it very well and as a compliment. He told me he was going to run with that and tell everyone. 

As we told a few people at the bar what I did, they looked at me in disgust. I told him I didn't care about what anyone thought cause it needed to be done but I did care about him getting upset. Something told me he'd be ok with it and he was. He loved it in fact.

I swear I can't believe he can understand or put up with me. Must be why he was the first person I met in Key West, it was fate. You find those kind of friends exactly when you need them.