Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ready. Set. Season.

A trip home to the tundra of St. Louis for a break before season. Before season is kinda a joke cause its been busy since December and it just keeps going. After seeing up north, I know why.

Much better trip home this time, thank god. Found a local yoga studio to go to. I never knew you could do yoga in socks. 

Got to see snow fall several times but my favorite was while walking through the St. Louis Zoo which was beautiful.

Mom was sick last year and I went solo to see the new Sea Lion exhibit which is amazing. So nice we got to go together this time. The zoo attendant had one of the Sea Lions trying to get her attention sitting next to her almost like a dog. Apparently she loves to play catch with one of her gloves.

Returned to the balmy Floridian 70 degree winter last night. 

You know you've returned to Florida when the first thing you see is a guy with a rather large gut wearing a muscle t-shirt that says: 

"I Beat Anorexia - Key West 2014"

Welcome Home! Gearing up for season to "start" this week.