Sunday, June 30, 2013

Starter Waves

Got to enjoy some waves today in a few ways. 

While in the ocean bobbing up and down, a lady swam out and told me there was a Jamaican high pressure system moving through.

"A Jamaican high. Can you believe it?" she said laughing.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Tourist Watching

This time of year we get a whole other crop of tourists. While they are busy soaking in the scenery, I am watching them figure things out.

Quite entertaining. 

Oh bring all kinds of surprises.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Releasing the Toxins

What's worse... Waking up with a raging head cold or being awoken by someone selling God with a raging head cold?

I'd say the second one. 

In this day and age I'm surprised that people still go door to door selling God. I mean if I wanted to find God it's just a Google search away. 

I will give her credit though, for being dressed in her best and smiling ear to ear. That can't be an easy job. 

After trying to give me a flyer and promise to come back later I politely explained I was Buddhist and that ended that.

I could have probably have shown her my cupping hickey marks and she would have ran off. Pain in physical form is what I started to experience this past month. Mostly sciatic nerve but it hurt enough to keep me from sleeping which is strange cause I sleep like the dead.

Got a massage with the suggestion of cupping to help bring the toxins to the surface so my body could release them. I'm wondering if that has been the theme of the month or perhaps year. Bringing toxins to the surface for release. It sure feels like it.

I even ran into an old boyfriend after a couple rough days and we had a conversation I never thought we'd have. It was the one I wished we would have had back then.

Enlightening to say the least and healing.

Do we store a lot of past pain in our muscles? Yup, just like a memory foam mattress. Its very easy to find that spot you were unrested in.

So a trip down memory pain lane it has been this year but in a good way. Getting a chance to release some of that old for something new. 

Thinking this head cold was the one two punch and I've been releasing ever since. By the way, it seems the physical manifestation of past emotional traumas is snot. And lots of it.