Monday, August 31, 2009

Staff Meeting

Thursday night staff meeting. Very productive....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Snorkel Pic 'o the Week


Today's conditions were the best I've seen all summer and very nice people too. You could see straight down to the bottom as if staring into a pool. For the most part an easy day except when I had to save a guy about three times my size. That's always interesting.

He got winded and the current was stronger than it looked. Just as I was settling in to talk movies with Graham, he gave the 911 wave. Got out there easy enough but getting back was another story. With my Baywatch booey I towed him back to the boat and at one point in a standstill against the current, I got worried I wouldn't be able to. Just had to switch my brain off and body on. It worked and we got back safe and sound. As he stepped off the boat, he thanked me for saving his life. Pretty wild.

After the hoopla, the group decided they'd had enough snorkeling and started a noodle party. The whole boat was just chillin' noodle style.

Between that and trying to learn how to free dive, it was a very cool day on the water. I can't go through the grand canyon at the reef yet but got some very good tips from Graham. He dove 30 feet and went through a tunnel like it was nothing.

Very glad I got the paddle board work out yesterday cause I think it helped today's adventure. Yesterday as I turned the board into Cow Key channel, the current was so strong, I wondered if I'd even make it up a quarter of the way. Turned brain off and body on; eventually got up the channel to the Atlantic. Guess that's where I learned the technique used quite well for today.

After getting into my paddle zone, stopped to take a quick dip break at the sand bar while looking around for conch. Headed out into open ocean for a bit until the sky let out an awful grumble and I decided to turn back. Did get to see a spotted sting ray and a horse shoe crab along the way though.

They're going to start doing paddle board yoga through Lazy Dog and I can't wait to try that out. Headstands are hard enough let alone on a paddle board. The benefits of working at Lazy Dog are great as I realize I want to paddle board every week and now I can just pop out there and grab one.

The beast is alive and well. I cannot believe it. Thought for sure I was going to have to euthanize it after seeing all that oil pour out of it this week. Mike thought so too until he found it was an easy fix. I had to laugh cause that thing is indestructible.

He did comment in amazement that the engine is currently being held together by rust. That sounds about right. Guess the car isn't ready to leave me just yet - fine by me. As he put the new switch in to keep the oil gush in check, the engine started to sputter.

"Is this normal?" he asked.

"I don't know, these days I get a different characteristic each time I turn it on. Maybe it's just revolting over something new and clean being put in it." I explained.

$20 later I drove off, and even got a hand wiggle when Mike had to put on some gloves. It was the equivalent of a lap dance.

Hope my good luck keeps on truckin' as I encounter jury duty tomorrow.

Friday, August 21, 2009


The big slowdown. Lovin' it. Having time to process things really helps get it all done, ya know?

Started today with yoga and that's a good way to start the day. Last week I decided to dump my very expensive health care and use the funds toward WELLNESS. Things I actually could use like yoga, massage and accupuncture instead of watching it go down an empty hole. I can't stand how the whole healthcare system is set up and it makes me sick to support it. A wise investment so far.

In the midst of getting a painting framed a day ago, I found a much needed web designer. Funny how that works. Saw an ad that this woman had created and liked the style, even had the owner of such ad ask me what I thought. It was exactly what I wanted for my client. Got to meet her today and am very excited to start implementing the next wave of ideas this fall. Maybe even start learning how to design for myself. That's the next season plan, at least one of them.

Space. We all need it. You tend to feel a bit wary opening it up cause we're taught to fill, fill, fill. If you have space that means time to think. Oh, the horror! But the thing I've noticed is if there isn't any space created, no new things can come in.

Had a burst of inspiration last night and drew out a piece that I have been thinking about for 6 months. It came out so easily and I really like it. Kinda starts the new phase I'm going to take with my art. Something I feel this upcoming trip is going to help kick into gear.

Went up the keys yesterday for a quick spin and the beast started howling. Oil light came on with a death warning siren which scared the crap out of me. Stopped in at the nearest gas station to check it and my car manual out. Popped the lid and kept it open while I ran in to get some oil.

Something I find incredible is guys have a honing device for this stuff. Guess it's just the way they're wired, God love 'em. Even if there's no one around for miles, some guy always pops up to ask if I need any help or if I'm ok. It happens right as I start to unscrew the cap. It's quite nice and kind. After I assure him I'm ok, I start to thinking...

What an amazing pick up technique. Not for him..for ME. I mean I could just sit outside some bar in a dress with drink in hand and the car hood open. It'd be like shooting fish in a barrel. My mind quickly flashed on that image outside the Green Parrot complete with an umbrella accessorized drink and I start laughing.

After reading in the manual that incorrectly screwing the oil cap back on could cause a fire, I start having images of the car becoming a giant fireball while driving. It's of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie proportions. I have an active imagination that can sometimes be immobilizing.

In order to combat the exploding car image and not stopping to run from the car screaming, I start to tell the car why I appreciate it so much. Have fond memories doing it while carefully driving down US 1. Wonder if this is it for the little sucker? It's still leaking oil so next stop, mechanic.

Normally we all cringe at the thought of rolling our cars into a garage for repairs. I do too, but found a way to neutralize it. Have a cute mechanic. That way, when you have to go in, at least it's enjoyable. You can get past all the money you're going to spend when you see a cute guy greet you at the garage. I start to look forward to our visits and it's not hard to get rides from your friends who want to check him out too. Besides the cuteness, he's a good mechanic, honest and nice. It's a neat little package.

I have always liked guys who work with their hands. It's the first thing I check out - hands and forearms. Mechanics have nice fat, meaty hands with amazing forearms so it's my version of heading to a strip club. I will be starting tomorrow morning out right when I take the beast in for a check-up.

Maybe follow up the hand peep show with a little paddle boarding afterwards. Like I said, space is nice.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the wanderlust grows...

As the work slows down the wanderlust cranks up. Been looking through my hard drive for photos and came across some old pics. My trip to Spain was a year ago this month and just looking at them is getting me all amped up for the upcoming trip to Colorado.

I was so antsy yesterday I had to drive up the keys just to quiet my thirst for movement. Caught an amazing sunset over the keys in doing so. Something that always kicks in before a trip begins is how happy I feel to come back home. It's never disappointing to come back because I love it here too. One of the best decisions I ever made was to come to Key West.

As I was searching through my photos I also got a glimpse of what the last four years down here have been. Different jobs, homes, friends, people, experiences.

Taking pictures for me is like making a diary and it's these times I get a chance to really see what's been created. I'm amazed and appreciative to have such a good life. Much has changed in the last four years and it's not over by a long shot.

Alrighty, back to the task at hand...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Play-Doh and finger paints. An early birthday gift to Seava Peava as she gets ready to celebrate the big ONE. Do you remember how much fun Play-Doh is? Just opening the can and getting a whiff got us giddy.

Note to self: Play-Doh an effective antidepressant tool.

It was so fun to mush everything around. I am now on the hunt for the Play-Doh barbershop. The guy at Ben Franklin wondered if the paints still smelled the same as when he was a kid. No smell but a bit more gooey than I remember. Smelling the Play-Doh was like traveling in a time machine.

A fun morning with Cricket and Seava as usual, complimented by paste eating stories.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yesterday was a good day. REALLY enjoying the time off. I feel like I'm already on vacation. Painted a bit, then hit yoga and got my ass kicked, followed by a great show at the Parrot.


Hung out for a while at the bar with an ex-cop who since becoming an ex-cop, has grown his hair out and smokes pot. Shared half a seat with one of the bar regulars until the show got going.

When I saw Richmond dancing, had to run right over and slap his ass. RICHMOND! As a bonus, I got to see all my water job friends, dance and drink a little too much. Normally, I work weekend nights and don't get to see the great shows at the Green Parrot.

May go back for seconds tonight.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Midsummer's Night Dream

A Midsummer's Night Dream

And the benefits to quitting keep on rollin'!

Cricket invited me along to the Midsummer's Night Dream party out at the Botanical Gardens. It's Key West at its best. Music, poetry, art, performance. Cricket and Seava performed "The Princess and the Pea". Guess who was the pea?

Met the artist who did this piece and got to chat with her about her upcoming residency in Japan to learn paper making.

A Midsummer's Night Dream

Who doesn't love fire? Talented Key Westers flinging flames to delight a crowd. Side Note: all pics below were taken with one arm wrapped around baby Seava. Front row fire seats with baby. Can't beat that!

Professional dream catcher helped me catch my dream and lock it down. Got the green fairy dust to prove it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Midsummer's Night Dream

Cricket went to the hula hoop booth and made a few. We tested them out and then pulled people passing by to try them out too. There's no way to look sad in a hula hoop.