Friday, August 21, 2009


The big slowdown. Lovin' it. Having time to process things really helps get it all done, ya know?

Started today with yoga and that's a good way to start the day. Last week I decided to dump my very expensive health care and use the funds toward WELLNESS. Things I actually could use like yoga, massage and accupuncture instead of watching it go down an empty hole. I can't stand how the whole healthcare system is set up and it makes me sick to support it. A wise investment so far.

In the midst of getting a painting framed a day ago, I found a much needed web designer. Funny how that works. Saw an ad that this woman had created and liked the style, even had the owner of such ad ask me what I thought. It was exactly what I wanted for my client. Got to meet her today and am very excited to start implementing the next wave of ideas this fall. Maybe even start learning how to design for myself. That's the next season plan, at least one of them.

Space. We all need it. You tend to feel a bit wary opening it up cause we're taught to fill, fill, fill. If you have space that means time to think. Oh, the horror! But the thing I've noticed is if there isn't any space created, no new things can come in.

Had a burst of inspiration last night and drew out a piece that I have been thinking about for 6 months. It came out so easily and I really like it. Kinda starts the new phase I'm going to take with my art. Something I feel this upcoming trip is going to help kick into gear.

Went up the keys yesterday for a quick spin and the beast started howling. Oil light came on with a death warning siren which scared the crap out of me. Stopped in at the nearest gas station to check it and my car manual out. Popped the lid and kept it open while I ran in to get some oil.

Something I find incredible is guys have a honing device for this stuff. Guess it's just the way they're wired, God love 'em. Even if there's no one around for miles, some guy always pops up to ask if I need any help or if I'm ok. It happens right as I start to unscrew the cap. It's quite nice and kind. After I assure him I'm ok, I start to thinking...

What an amazing pick up technique. Not for him..for ME. I mean I could just sit outside some bar in a dress with drink in hand and the car hood open. It'd be like shooting fish in a barrel. My mind quickly flashed on that image outside the Green Parrot complete with an umbrella accessorized drink and I start laughing.

After reading in the manual that incorrectly screwing the oil cap back on could cause a fire, I start having images of the car becoming a giant fireball while driving. It's of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie proportions. I have an active imagination that can sometimes be immobilizing.

In order to combat the exploding car image and not stopping to run from the car screaming, I start to tell the car why I appreciate it so much. Have fond memories doing it while carefully driving down US 1. Wonder if this is it for the little sucker? It's still leaking oil so next stop, mechanic.

Normally we all cringe at the thought of rolling our cars into a garage for repairs. I do too, but found a way to neutralize it. Have a cute mechanic. That way, when you have to go in, at least it's enjoyable. You can get past all the money you're going to spend when you see a cute guy greet you at the garage. I start to look forward to our visits and it's not hard to get rides from your friends who want to check him out too. Besides the cuteness, he's a good mechanic, honest and nice. It's a neat little package.

I have always liked guys who work with their hands. It's the first thing I check out - hands and forearms. Mechanics have nice fat, meaty hands with amazing forearms so it's my version of heading to a strip club. I will be starting tomorrow morning out right when I take the beast in for a check-up.

Maybe follow up the hand peep show with a little paddle boarding afterwards. Like I said, space is nice.

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