Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Snorkel Pic 'o the Week


Today's conditions were the best I've seen all summer and very nice people too. You could see straight down to the bottom as if staring into a pool. For the most part an easy day except when I had to save a guy about three times my size. That's always interesting.

He got winded and the current was stronger than it looked. Just as I was settling in to talk movies with Graham, he gave the 911 wave. Got out there easy enough but getting back was another story. With my Baywatch booey I towed him back to the boat and at one point in a standstill against the current, I got worried I wouldn't be able to. Just had to switch my brain off and body on. It worked and we got back safe and sound. As he stepped off the boat, he thanked me for saving his life. Pretty wild.

After the hoopla, the group decided they'd had enough snorkeling and started a noodle party. The whole boat was just chillin' noodle style.

Between that and trying to learn how to free dive, it was a very cool day on the water. I can't go through the grand canyon at the reef yet but got some very good tips from Graham. He dove 30 feet and went through a tunnel like it was nothing.

Very glad I got the paddle board work out yesterday cause I think it helped today's adventure. Yesterday as I turned the board into Cow Key channel, the current was so strong, I wondered if I'd even make it up a quarter of the way. Turned brain off and body on; eventually got up the channel to the Atlantic. Guess that's where I learned the technique used quite well for today.

After getting into my paddle zone, stopped to take a quick dip break at the sand bar while looking around for conch. Headed out into open ocean for a bit until the sky let out an awful grumble and I decided to turn back. Did get to see a spotted sting ray and a horse shoe crab along the way though.

They're going to start doing paddle board yoga through Lazy Dog and I can't wait to try that out. Headstands are hard enough let alone on a paddle board. The benefits of working at Lazy Dog are great as I realize I want to paddle board every week and now I can just pop out there and grab one.

The beast is alive and well. I cannot believe it. Thought for sure I was going to have to euthanize it after seeing all that oil pour out of it this week. Mike thought so too until he found it was an easy fix. I had to laugh cause that thing is indestructible.

He did comment in amazement that the engine is currently being held together by rust. That sounds about right. Guess the car isn't ready to leave me just yet - fine by me. As he put the new switch in to keep the oil gush in check, the engine started to sputter.

"Is this normal?" he asked.

"I don't know, these days I get a different characteristic each time I turn it on. Maybe it's just revolting over something new and clean being put in it." I explained.

$20 later I drove off, and even got a hand wiggle when Mike had to put on some gloves. It was the equivalent of a lap dance.

Hope my good luck keeps on truckin' as I encounter jury duty tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Penny. I am living vicariously through your pics ..... but that first snorkel pic.. the guy with big blue shooting up from in between his legs.... i know i know... but its been a long day and i am resorting to "dick" jokes... keep up the great blog.. more sunset pics please!!!