Monday, September 27, 2010

NYC (in one day)

Landed in DC on Saturday, slept 4 hours then got on a bus to NYC at 6:15 am. Walked NYC with Toni and Patrick till we dropped. Caffeine stops were mandatory. Figured out a way to exhaust myself awake - that was cool. Definitely felt like one week worth of stuff in one day. More pics later. Now sleep...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Definite Upgrade.

As I was leaving Chicago today I had a cool thing happen. I had originally put $10 on a metrocard for the L train to get around the city when I first arrived and didn't use it all. As I headed up the escalator to O'Hare airport, I figured I'd give the unused card to someone who might need it.

I looked around and saw this woman waiting in line with an older woman most likely her mom, so I went up to her and asked her if she needed a fare for the train. Surprised and in shock she responded warily, "Uh, I don't speak English. I don't understand."

She said some quick phrase in Spanish and then it just kicked in. I told her I had a card for the train that still had money on it and asked her if she wanted it. All in Spanish. She looked more shocked than the first time I spoke to her in English which was cool. Her brother came up and she introduced him to me. I told her in Spanish that I still had $5 dollars on it and I didn't need it, and then asked her if she wanted it?

"A gift." her brother said in English smiling. "Yes." I smiled and replied in English.

She took it from me and thanked me. "Gracias!" As I walked off, I remembered Spain and it made me smile.

While checking in, it made me so happy that my Spanish kicked in without even thinking. As I began the familiar check in ritual, I looked at the screen expecting to see the same goofy mileage promotion I have been offered on each leg except it wasn't that goofy anymore.

"You are now eligible to upgrade to First Class. Would you like to?"

Hell, yes!
Things are definitely looking up.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Chi-town. Home of the cleanest subway system.

Lovely rivers punctuated by big buildings.

Breakfast at a 70's themed joint. Where else can you get metal lunch boxes, etch-a-sketch, Leif Garrett records and Colt 45?

Here's where...

Mom having coffee with Coffy. She's a baaaaad mutha f..Shut your mouth!

Had good eats, nice wines, with Mom and Nicole. Beelined up to one of my favorite places, the Museum of Contemporary Art and got inspired again. It's about damn time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Beginnings...

This year has been really hard for me. A lot harder than I think I wanted to admit to myself. Travel can be fun and sometimes it gives you the space to see things a bit clearer.

Very grateful for my family and friends. They are amazing and I feel lucky to have them in my life.

Looking to gain some peace and space for myself again. Looking forward...

Monday, September 20, 2010


Always gotta hit Venice Beach. The first night I was here, Tina and I went to a dive bar for a burger and got to see four cops try wrestle a guy. We left when the pepper spray started coming out. Always somethin' going on down there.


Went to a farmers market in LA.

Yummy stuff all over the place.

These were the most beautiful eggplants I have ever seen.

They tasted pretty damn good too.

You're so pretty...


Visiting Tina, Jim and their new son the cutie patootie Micah in LA this week. He's under that blanket!

Awesome coffee shop. It was so good, when Jim suggested a second round I was in. I had two large lattes and then shook all night. It was worth it.

Micah and Jim chillin'.

Cool Mod lamp find after Paco's Tacos. So good, Tina carried it home.

Marcel the Shell

Marcel made me laugh so hard I cried. Thanks Tina and Jim!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


You know what's cool?
Missouri wine country.

You know what's not cool???
Walking into Missouri wine country and watching a lady yell at a little blind girl about not using her seeing eye cane properly. Seriously. What the fuck?

After that disturbing image I needed a drink. Grabbed a glass of "vintage" Missouri wine and headed to the bluffs. On the way I started to notice a lot of tie-dye, a familiar smell, and heard some jammin'. Yes, it's another blend moment.

Missouri wine country, Grateful Dead Heads, and Harley Davidson bikers. It's the place to be and beautiful country out there.


Art show at Schlafly brewery.

Midwesterners really love their meat.

Cool printmaker.

Lots o bluegrass country, y'all.


The start - in good ole STL.

The last few days have been a "When in Rome..." approach to re-entry in the Midwest. It's been a while but safe to say, I've consumed more meat, doughnuts and beer than I care to admit. Top that off with an extremely shocking racist comedy show at the Pagent and it's "Helloooooo St. Louis!".

Just getting off the plane, I immediately smelled barbecue sauce and the comedian was shocked how no one got too offended at her jokes.

Lots of good things here since the last time I came home. Tons of microbreweries, art festivals, and music. It's Indian summer which is the best time to visit in my opinion. My friend Martha who I've known since I was 5 hosted the best Columbian party ever. Her fiance Basillio is from Columbia so it was a mix of Midwesterners and South Americans which blended very nicely.

Martha is an amazing cook. She made Arepas, a traditional dish that consists of a corn bread type bottom topped off with what else... meat. Oh my God, delicious. And a bar food specialty of unripened mango with salt - probably the best thing I've eaten and so damn simple.

Add a Winking Owl wine from Aldi's the St. Louis ghetto grocery store at $2.50 a bottle. Really good, who knew?! After this fiesta, Martha suggested we go take a trip to Columbia. I'm in.

Got to also catch up with my friend and second mom Jan. Swapped some good ghost stories over martinis and Mich ultra.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ecuadorian Images

I "heart" los burros...

Starting to play around with images from the Ecuador trip.

Los fishermen.