Sunday, September 12, 2010


The start - in good ole STL.

The last few days have been a "When in Rome..." approach to re-entry in the Midwest. It's been a while but safe to say, I've consumed more meat, doughnuts and beer than I care to admit. Top that off with an extremely shocking racist comedy show at the Pagent and it's "Helloooooo St. Louis!".

Just getting off the plane, I immediately smelled barbecue sauce and the comedian was shocked how no one got too offended at her jokes.

Lots of good things here since the last time I came home. Tons of microbreweries, art festivals, and music. It's Indian summer which is the best time to visit in my opinion. My friend Martha who I've known since I was 5 hosted the best Columbian party ever. Her fiance Basillio is from Columbia so it was a mix of Midwesterners and South Americans which blended very nicely.

Martha is an amazing cook. She made Arepas, a traditional dish that consists of a corn bread type bottom topped off with what else... meat. Oh my God, delicious. And a bar food specialty of unripened mango with salt - probably the best thing I've eaten and so damn simple.

Add a Winking Owl wine from Aldi's the St. Louis ghetto grocery store at $2.50 a bottle. Really good, who knew?! After this fiesta, Martha suggested we go take a trip to Columbia. I'm in.

Got to also catch up with my friend and second mom Jan. Swapped some good ghost stories over martinis and Mich ultra.

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