Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Rewind

Hurricane Matthew is upon us. All is well, we'll be fine.

But I can't help but remember how I started down here. Arriving two weeks before the worst hurricane the city had seen in a while. Wilma.

Heartbroken. Life broken. and jobless waiting for the island to recover so I could do the same. 

Under the Tuscan Sun. I think I was watching this on heavy cable rotation about everyday. Maybe even twice a day. 

Its uncanny how someone was trying to talk to me and let me know it'll all be ok. Feel so much affinity for it now, right down to the Asian best friend.

Fast forward to now 

Life has become exactly what I want in this moment. I sat in a church in Spain crying, thankful tears to those superior beings. So grateful for everything that's happened. All of it.

I've possibly fallen for a 23 year old Italian I met for like 10 minutes in Rome. I'm seriously considering buying a place in Europe with some friends. And the trip I just came back from was a celebration of it all.

Change can happen if you let it in. 

Be open to see the signs.

Amore Amore questa vita

More pics and stories later. Trying to take it all in first.