Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Mudras are really fun hand gestures that are believed to channel energy through the body. 

In today's class the Yoga teacher did some and then shared that she was trying to find the correct mudra this morning for "fed up" but she couldn't find it.

I knew this one immediately. So I looked up from my downward dog and gave her the middle finger. "Oh there it is!" she exclaimed.

See you probably didn't know you were doing some yoga moves in your car, now did ya?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Done and Done

I have learned with this teacher training I still have a very high level of anxiety around presentation. I used to feel this way in business all the time. Not sleeping before big presentations cause my head couldn't stop coming up with scenarios of how it could all go so horribly wrong. 

Strange considering I feel like I can talk to just about anyone that crosses my path pretty easily.

So teaching yoga had me in panic overdrive this whole month starting when I heard I should teach a class before our final meeting this weekend. 

I thought about saying I ran out of time and couldn't teach class but that seemed pretty lame. And it meant avoiding finishing the whole class.

Got comfortable teaching for a moment and then panic flared up once again. Found myself trying to open further in all areas. Including introducing myself to my tables at the restaurant. Something I've never done. Don't want you to know me, I want to hide.

No. Not anymore.

Living with hints of panic and easing my mind to not attach to the illusionary state I was creating turns out was my real practice. And maybe the reason I took this class.

Mostly this month consisted with me getting comfortable with presenting who I am; what I create without any judgement and trying not to let my mind run wild with fear in people seeing it.  

I busted through this weekend and tried to complete a hours list of sequencing I thought felt good and could explain thoroughly while moving. Oh and then set it to music. 

Last night at around 6pm when I felt like I had a good grasp on what I'd be doing tomorrow, I stopped futzing with the playlist and let go.

Got up early this morning and expected two friends to show but they couldn't last minute. Bummer. My teacher and I hung out for a bit chatting and I was resolved to teach someone even if that meant it was only her. 

It was an easy out with the no-shows but after all this build up, I was not up for running away like usual.

Then right before we were going to start, another friend showed up. This was my class. It was perfect.

Got through it pretty well, and started to feel more of a rhythm at the end. Had a few laughs trying to remember where I was going with things which was fun and loose. 

Feeling really happy and complete that I did it. 

Do you have a soundtrack to your fears? I do. Enjoy...


Time for an egg and cheese sandwich and a celebratory swim at the beach.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Found some old photos from the Utah trip last fall and feeling really grateful for this life. 

Tiki Boat Wednesday

After a particularly fun birthday lunch at Latitudes, it was mentioned that we should do a girls boat day. And the Tiki boat appeared...

I forgot how much I love getting out OUT on the water. As soon as we left the dock that familiar feeling of serenity hit me.

Perfect conditions and a lot of fun. Especially trying to get Emily to sit on Monica's shoulders which took a lot of coaxing cause Monica who is the shortest person of the group can't swim. Oh, and is afraid of the ocean. 

I just kept yelling at her to get up on those shoulders cause I knew the pics would be ridiculous. And they are. 

Moniqua was a good sport and I think she got over a little bit of fear with the water by having Emily try to sit on her.

Tiki Boat Wednesday!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Bad is It?

If I sneak Wham's "Careless Whisper" into the yoga play list? 

And all the really weird guilty pleasure songs I love? Warrior II pose to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" anyone?

Yep, this is what I think about while trying to figure out how to teach yoga. 

Enjoying the home practice and the Wham Pandora channel. Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Lunar Eclipse, Yo

Woke up early to attend one of my fellow yoga teacher training student's second class. 

I originally bristled at the 6am start time but loved getting up and riding to the studio with a misty moon overhead enjoying a silent city.

Been reading up on Ayurvedic stuff and they recommend everyone wake up two hours before sunrise. Its apparently the best time for meditation and yoga. Couldn't agree more. It was a great time to rise and feel the beauty of starting day.

Afterwards, rode down to the pier to enjoy the pink hues of the sun rising over the water which I could see all the way from White Street. Damn, I wish I had my camera. I remember to be in the present and decide to let the colors melt into me instead. 

Loved seeing all the people up at that hour doing the exact same thing I was.

Randomly ran into four great friends on the pier enjoying the sunrise as well. As we laughed at all being in the same mode, A pack of birds flew off almost dive bombing our heads on the way out. Whoa, WOOOSH! What a lift!

Enjoyed my coffee on the balcony reading, watching a line of birds on a wire get spooked and fly off just like that pack of birds earlier. All to realign just a mere 10 minutes later in that same line. They are all facing the sunrise too. I imagine enjoying too.

A breeze and slight nip tell me fall is here. Excited, I get a hoodie to comfort my chill of the new low 80's weather. Keep it crumpled on my lap as it really isn't that cold to wear it but the hoodie and idea of cooler weather stays near and warms my legs.

Such a great way to start the day. And damn, I feel more awake and ready now than I do when I sleep in. Couple of extra hours added to my day.

Pitta Dosha HOOOOOOO. All fire, water and ready for the ride.

Happy Lunar Moon, Yo.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Here, I thought you could use this.

One night leaving work outside last week I heard: "Give it to Penny"

Now that can be a loaded statement in a restaurant but what it turned out to be was a gift. 

I had been thinking of painting bigger and all of a sudden the Chef rolled outside and plopped a big canvas in my hand. The resident artist left it behind and it had been collecting dust ever since.

Well, how's that for synchronicity? 

I probably wouldn't have bought one this big but here it is begging for paint. Gessoed the dust off and prepared a sketch to go big. Was surprise how easily it came together and how much fun it was to spread out.

Trying to figure out how to translate my small painting into a big one and keep all the little details I like to do. And so a lightening bug portrait begins. 

On the beetle track recently, which works in nicely with this.

Plus it is a symbol for my Grandmother. The first person to put paints in my hand and teach me how to examine and create. 

Fall is here! A breath of fresh air; doors and windows open. More paint can't come fast enough. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Plantin' and a Paintin'

Got quite the little herb garden growing. Just got some cilantro so I can keep up my pre-work spinach, mango, banana, cilantro smoothie. Sounds bizarre, but delicious, no?

Kinda like the salsa I made with zucchini and cumin for a vegetarian pot luck. 

Planted some new stuff from clippings today and got a ginkgo tree growing from a seed I picked up in Petaluma

There was a 20 day hibernation phase in my fridge. Grow baby grow.

Been using my mint for a little cucumber mint water post beach swim treat. Yum

Reworking an old canvas and finding I actually like painting on canvas...finally. Got a set on Amazon (god bless amazon prime) and have a cool bug series I wanna try.

But in the meantime, there's a piece of found Dade county pine that has a painting idea waiting. You gotta love free wood piles from the street.

First of two marketing meetings down. Had a bunch of ideas before we met that happily hit the mark. 

While I was running through all of them with my yoga teacher she just raised eyebrow and said "You're writing these down, right?"

Oh yeah. They're already written.

Lots of ways to be creative, no? Life is good.