Friday, October 3, 2014

Plantin' and a Paintin'

Got quite the little herb garden growing. Just got some cilantro so I can keep up my pre-work spinach, mango, banana, cilantro smoothie. Sounds bizarre, but delicious, no?

Kinda like the salsa I made with zucchini and cumin for a vegetarian pot luck. 

Planted some new stuff from clippings today and got a ginkgo tree growing from a seed I picked up in Petaluma

There was a 20 day hibernation phase in my fridge. Grow baby grow.

Been using my mint for a little cucumber mint water post beach swim treat. Yum

Reworking an old canvas and finding I actually like painting on canvas...finally. Got a set on Amazon (god bless amazon prime) and have a cool bug series I wanna try.

But in the meantime, there's a piece of found Dade county pine that has a painting idea waiting. You gotta love free wood piles from the street.

First of two marketing meetings down. Had a bunch of ideas before we met that happily hit the mark. 

While I was running through all of them with my yoga teacher she just raised eyebrow and said "You're writing these down, right?"

Oh yeah. They're already written.

Lots of ways to be creative, no? Life is good.

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