Monday, October 6, 2014

Here, I thought you could use this.

One night leaving work outside last week I heard: "Give it to Penny"

Now that can be a loaded statement in a restaurant but what it turned out to be was a gift. 

I had been thinking of painting bigger and all of a sudden the Chef rolled outside and plopped a big canvas in my hand. The resident artist left it behind and it had been collecting dust ever since.

Well, how's that for synchronicity? 

I probably wouldn't have bought one this big but here it is begging for paint. Gessoed the dust off and prepared a sketch to go big. Was surprise how easily it came together and how much fun it was to spread out.

Trying to figure out how to translate my small painting into a big one and keep all the little details I like to do. And so a lightening bug portrait begins. 

On the beetle track recently, which works in nicely with this.

Plus it is a symbol for my Grandmother. The first person to put paints in my hand and teach me how to examine and create. 

Fall is here! A breath of fresh air; doors and windows open. More paint can't come fast enough. 

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