Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tiki Boat Wednesday

After a particularly fun birthday lunch at Latitudes, it was mentioned that we should do a girls boat day. And the Tiki boat appeared...

I forgot how much I love getting out OUT on the water. As soon as we left the dock that familiar feeling of serenity hit me.

Perfect conditions and a lot of fun. Especially trying to get Emily to sit on Monica's shoulders which took a lot of coaxing cause Monica who is the shortest person of the group can't swim. Oh, and is afraid of the ocean. 

I just kept yelling at her to get up on those shoulders cause I knew the pics would be ridiculous. And they are. 

Moniqua was a good sport and I think she got over a little bit of fear with the water by having Emily try to sit on her.

Tiki Boat Wednesday!

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