Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Lunar Eclipse, Yo

Woke up early to attend one of my fellow yoga teacher training student's second class. 

I originally bristled at the 6am start time but loved getting up and riding to the studio with a misty moon overhead enjoying a silent city.

Been reading up on Ayurvedic stuff and they recommend everyone wake up two hours before sunrise. Its apparently the best time for meditation and yoga. Couldn't agree more. It was a great time to rise and feel the beauty of starting day.

Afterwards, rode down to the pier to enjoy the pink hues of the sun rising over the water which I could see all the way from White Street. Damn, I wish I had my camera. I remember to be in the present and decide to let the colors melt into me instead. 

Loved seeing all the people up at that hour doing the exact same thing I was.

Randomly ran into four great friends on the pier enjoying the sunrise as well. As we laughed at all being in the same mode, A pack of birds flew off almost dive bombing our heads on the way out. Whoa, WOOOSH! What a lift!

Enjoyed my coffee on the balcony reading, watching a line of birds on a wire get spooked and fly off just like that pack of birds earlier. All to realign just a mere 10 minutes later in that same line. They are all facing the sunrise too. I imagine enjoying too.

A breeze and slight nip tell me fall is here. Excited, I get a hoodie to comfort my chill of the new low 80's weather. Keep it crumpled on my lap as it really isn't that cold to wear it but the hoodie and idea of cooler weather stays near and warms my legs.

Such a great way to start the day. And damn, I feel more awake and ready now than I do when I sleep in. Couple of extra hours added to my day.

Pitta Dosha HOOOOOOO. All fire, water and ready for the ride.

Happy Lunar Moon, Yo.

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