Monday, August 30, 2010

Do you need some glue?

Been playing around with oils and just returned to something I started a while ago. I love me some bugs plus it's fun to try out different mediums.

Went back to Home Depot for some new wood to paint on and the guy cutting it for me asked what I was doing. When I told him it was to paint on, he asked me if I needed some glue to piece back together the wood which was an awesome answer.

I tried to explain a new piece that I'm about to start and in return I got the coolest most confused look ever. That alone lets me know I'm on the right track.


Ready to go...

Just gotta figure out how to pack a carry-on bag with a month's worth of clothes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday Celebration (part 2)

Big sis birthday celebration - part two. First one was in Ft. Lauderdale with mom at an awesome beach resort and kick ass Italian dinner. This one was with Tasha and Mosi at the Porch followed up with a drink at the Pier House. Can't beat turning 40 in paradise!



Love the fish graffiti.

ZZZZZZzzzzz...Dreaming of orange bumpers and hubcaps.

Hombre, cerveza y un perro - en fuego!

Bonfire a la casa.


This is Arturo's - a really awesome dude who can cook like crazy. We swung by his place practically everyday for his fantabulous food. I'm still craving the fish soup. He had the cutest pitbull he tied up in the back who looked so sweet. I desperately wanted to pet him but I restrained myself because we happened to find out he had killed a small donkey. Apparently he didn't like donkeys too much, he seemed to be ok with people though.

If you haven't noticed Arturo's favorite color is blue.

Arturo cookin' it up.

MMMMmmmmm. Langostinos!

Tuna and plantains.

(Paul, Me, and Master Chef Arturo)

Monday, August 16, 2010


While crossing the street from the boatyard, Paul pointed this out. A cautionary tale of looking both ways. He named it Splat the Cat. We also saw a large bird in the same condition he named Smush.

On the way home, you could smell bread in the air. Pulled over and found some good stuff including....

An Ecuadorian doughnut! Bread + Chocolate = DELICIOUS.

And one more stop to grab some refreshing coconut water. These guys were really cool. Business was slow lately since the temperature had dropped.

This truck stopped and picked up some walkers who were trekking home from school. They caught me at one point taking pics and started waving and smiling.



Manta...The Capital of Tuna!

Big boats built by hand.

Paul took me to see this amazing boatyard in Manta. Huge vessels that go out for a month at a time. Just looking at the hulls you can see it's an intense fishing trip. What an artform!


I think my new favorite boat to work on is the dolphin boat. There's nothing like looking for dolphins and finding that your whole boat is surrounded by them. Saturday morning was pristine and the boat so chill.

A long way from my old cubicle days where I'd be lucky to see a window and natural sunlight.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Good paddleboard surfing right in the front yard.

Cool fish graffiti

Barnyard fun! Goats, Donkeys and Pigs run through the area daily. They all loved the bucket of water that's out to clean our feet before entering the house.

Sneaking through the front gate.

Paul and the paddle.

Ghetto BBQ

This is funny stuff. Paul showed me a copy yesterday of the new Kiteboard magazine he usually writes for and he did an article on how to create your own Ghetto BBQ complete with BBQ sauce recipe that had an option of using ketchup and honey packets from a restaurant.

I used to grab Taco Bell packets in my early days so this just hit home. That day out at Woman Key was so beautiful and the pics we took turned out really nice. I had no idea it could be turned into a Ghetto BBQ! Pretty crafty....

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Mis Amigos

Jesus is my co-pilot

Cuchillo GRANDE!

Las Botas

Me gusta


Here's what I liked watching the most in Ecuador, the fresh catch. The fishermen were incredible and the fish they caught were as big as people. I never got tired of watching them push their boats out on wooden logs and then pulling them back in with an old school Land Rover.

Santa Marianita is a fishing village that has a lot of kiteboarding going on. These guys go 24/7 and can stay out at all night as you realize the best fishing happens with the glisten of lights from their boats in the water. It took a couple of days for the whistling, clicking and catcalling sounds to stop but they did after a few steady days of taking pictures.

After a while, I realized they really liked getting their pictures taken and after a day of plopping myself in front of a few boats to sketch, a couple even came over to check out my drawings.

I guess these guys come back after days of fishing and party like rockstars. Paul would mention that the booming music from town after dark was the fishermen having a good time.

Me Gusta los fishermen!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Santa Marianita

La Casa de Cana

Morning bedroom view in the window where there is no window

Living room

(La Cama)

A 20 minute drive in the VW van complete with dogs chasing it and trying to bite off the bumpers and we arrived in Santa Marianita.

The house is open and amazing. Made completely with bamboo including the nails. No TV, just watch the whales jumping out of the water instead. Waking up early with the light and the ocean waves breaking. Add a little Ecuadorian coffee and fresh baked bread from a neighboring lady Paul knows and just like that the day begins.