Saturday, August 7, 2010


Here's what I liked watching the most in Ecuador, the fresh catch. The fishermen were incredible and the fish they caught were as big as people. I never got tired of watching them push their boats out on wooden logs and then pulling them back in with an old school Land Rover.

Santa Marianita is a fishing village that has a lot of kiteboarding going on. These guys go 24/7 and can stay out at all night as you realize the best fishing happens with the glisten of lights from their boats in the water. It took a couple of days for the whistling, clicking and catcalling sounds to stop but they did after a few steady days of taking pictures.

After a while, I realized they really liked getting their pictures taken and after a day of plopping myself in front of a few boats to sketch, a couple even came over to check out my drawings.

I guess these guys come back after days of fishing and party like rockstars. Paul would mention that the booming music from town after dark was the fishermen having a good time.

Me Gusta los fishermen!

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