Sunday, January 31, 2016

In Search Of...

You know you've lived in Florida a wee bit long when talking with a date about your psychic friends, the online store you're building for one and that seems TOTALLY normal. 

But in the eyes of a man from Connecticut...uh, not so much.

I have to admit as the words were coming out of my mouth I started laughing internally cause it sounds crazy. But that is my life in the keys and I wouldn't change it. Realized just how happy I am with it in that date.

Nice dude but not my jam. Especially when I had to explain that most fisherman wear similar clothing because we have like two stores they can shop at. Oh and instructions on how to access his photos on his new mac.

It was most interesting to see just how long I've lived down here. The differences in the norm so to speak from up north or say outside of Florida. 

Also why people who have constricted views tend to choose vacationing in Key West, I'll never understand. Maybe its their subconscious wanting to drink pina coladas.

Dating a normal man has been the bane of my existence. I keep thinking that I need a normal one. After this recent meeting I have decided to let that drop. 

So I'm throwing myself all in. New dating objective:

In search of stable, active weirdo. Who can laugh and have stimulating intellectual conversations at the drop of a hat. Drunks need not apply.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Hello there. Its been a while. How are ya?

A recap of the holidays and new year:

Crazy amounts of people and energy. I never get used to the busiest two weeks of the year down here. And the week after seems to be the worst apparently. 

Physically and mentally exhausted.

People trying desperately to live up to a holiday image that is so unrealistic and not obtainable that insanity ensues. I blame advertising.

Anyhoo, that included a couple crazy weeks. A customer writing on a credit card receipt to my Russian co-worker that Stalin killed over 65,000 people. Oh and p.s. they left a shitty tip. He just thought it was funny.

Working New Years and on the bike ride home getting to see a girl throwing up on a church. Two more blocks down watch a cop eating chicken off his car. Two more blocks down watch a woman try to take her clothes off in the middle of a busy intersection while her friends fought her to put them back on.

A cab finally got around that stripping lady to only encounter another one who turned around in the middle of the street daring the cab to hit her. When it swiftly sped around her, she and her five friends screamed at it. People were off their heads.

As I recounted what I saw to a close friend she responded with "OMG it sounds like you took mushrooms but that's your everyday normal life!!"

So, it took a little time to recover from the holidays. Yes. 

Been building that online store and finding interesting things dealing with  ecommerce and banks. By the way, you should go see the Big Short. Amazing film. 

Made me appreciate all those blazing bank articles my dad was sending me as I was trying to work with a mortgage broker and him telling me they were all crooks. Dad is seriously an eccentric genius. Did you know eccentrics balance the world? They do. Probably why I like living down here.

So something interesting happened last night. Not only did I get to wear my favorite striped knee high socks to work but I met some cool people. 

One older couple who was adorable. When I asked the lady if she wanted another Chardonnay she told me she shouldn't but smiled and said yes with a point in the empty glass. 

So imagine my surprise when her husband ordered a decaf coffee with desert and her response to me asking her if she would like one also:

"No, I don't want to kill my ride" 

Possibly the best answer to would you like a decaf coffee? which prompted me to respond with a strong "you go girl!"

As her husband left, he came up to me - shook my hand and pulled me close to thank me for the great service. Before he left he took my shoulder once more in his shaky old man voice and said "And I like those socks"

Now I know everyone wants to stay young forever but I can't wait to get old so I can be as cool as that couple and say things that will make people do a double take.

Not much later, I had a table of cute guys. One of which who was quite attractive, pulled together and had eyes that felt like they were staring into my soul.

Its not too often I meet a guy/customer that I want to flirt with but when he asked me where he and his friends could go to meet cute girls with cool socks, I quickly responded with "If you wait till 12:30 you might see me at the Parrot". (this was paired with a very nerdy nervous side leg kick)

I couldn't believe I actually said that and even more so meant it. I pulled back cause its kinda creepy to have a waiter hit on you while you're eating. Told them some places they could go have a good time at and left it at that. 

Hell, I was happy I got to converse with a normal cute sober well-mannered man with nice accessories. Its kinda like finding a unicorn pooping rainbows down here. 

Much to my surprise that he came up while I was polishing silverwear to ask for my phone number. He's a charter fisherman from up north down for a few weeks and thought I was cool (even with the dorky leg kick)

I normally don't hand out my number but was like, all right - grabbed a piece of receipt tape and scribbled it down. After he left I got high-fived by my 22 year old busser with a "And that's how its done!" Made me smile. 

Even the busser was surprised by how normal he was. He was dually impressed by the balls on said customer to come up and ask for my number.

Makes me flashback to a time in New York when I was newly out of college and in the working world for the first time. A girl that was on my team set me up with an investment banker. I don't even remember how I knew this girl.

He was nice, wore a suit and took me to Knicks game with seats so close to the floor I could see Spike Lee and Mariah Carey. As we parted, he told me he wanted to see me again and I was unsure with his steadiness. 

Made more unsure when I got an email forwarded to me by the girl who set us up from him and her excitement. He wrote her earnestly how grateful he was for her introducing us, how much he liked me and couldn't wait for us to hang out again.

At the time my 24 year old self was scared shitless and completely turned off by it. How boring! He wants to commit already and thinks I'm great?! NOOOOOOO!

That my dears lead me down a very bumpy road of artists and men who never would value what I had to offer. Probably cause I couldn't see it either.

These days I'm seeing my worth a lot more. Feeling like myself and not fighting with it as much. I even got my haircut like I used to a looooong time ago and swore I'd never go back to that style again. After telling my hairstylist to do it she finished easily and said, "Wow... that cut really suits you"

Yup what is old is new again. Just hoping I get it right this time.

I didn't do the sun salutations this year. Or set up a new intention jar. 

As I opened the one from 2015 and created the piles of what did and didn't happen I looked at it and decided not to make one for 2016. Reason being?

If I speak and do things from my heart, everything will fall into place the way it should. There's no need for a wish list anymore.

That's my 2016 plan and I'm sticking to it. I'll let you know how it goes with the fisherman.