Saturday, December 22, 2012

Led Zeppelin and Brain Scan

Reason #1001 to love this town.

Got off work and heard there was a good Led Zeppelin band playing at the Parrot. 

they. were. AWESOME.

Zoso is their name and it was a flashback to the 70's complete with double headed guitars and big hair. People were loving it.

Then I saw this guy outside setting up so I ran out.

"Can you scan me?!" I asked.

I've seen him scan people's auras but this time he was doing brain scans. He handed me a helmet and then an x-ray print out of my skull. 

I immediately got Fernando to try it and told the scan dude Fern was a Scientologist. A real Thetan. As he handed Fern the picture we both started laughing cause it was an alien head.

So awesome. Love my random Friday night after work. 

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