Thursday, July 30, 2009

Key Largo

My good friend Toni was staying up in Key Largo this week so I drove up yesterday to hang with her. Toni and I became friends after a conversation about beef jerky. She was the new girl and as we both sat bored in a staff lunch meeting, she just turned and asked "What's in beef jerky?". Oddly, I had looked at a pack that week wondering just that same thing.

"Pepper, ketchup, and mechanically separated chicken. What the hell is that?!" I replied. We both made a icky face and have been friends ever since. When we get together, we like to take stupid pictures of each other. Many times this happens in a grocery store or just hanging at the house. We've upgraded our background shot but still take the same kind of photos. She is the queen of funny faces. Had a blast with her, Ryan, Hans, and Luke yesterday.

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