Friday, June 17, 2011


A birthday present I bought for Abby.

Dried fruit that has been carved with images. The sun is Patchapapa and the moon on the other side is the symbol for Patchamama.

While we chatted she carved out the top lid and sanded the insides.

She has 7 children and one grandchild which she showed me a picture of. Her husband carves the images and she sells them in the square.

Beautiful stained glass at the coffee shop.

Nice view from a coffee shop! The rainbow flag is the symbol of Cusco.

So ok. Working backwards, Cusco was an interesting place but not necessarily my favorite. It's a city for sure and after spending all my time in the Sacred Valley of the Incas it was a bit much for me. It seems to be the jump-off spot for all the cool power places in southern Peru. Mucho turistos.

Crowds can drain me quickly and after walking a bit I chose to stop have a coffee and sit in the square. A lady approached me with a bag full of colorful gourds and asked me if I wanted to buy. I said no and she sat down. She started to ask me some questions and the conversation developed.

My Spanish quickly came back as we chatted for a few. She started to show me all the symbols on the gourds and after that I couldn't resist. I asked her about the drawings and she told me her husband carved them all. So intricate.

We chatted about everything as she carved out the lid and sanded it out.

It was perfect and I got the little travel time experience I like to have outside of the retreat. The best part of traveling is going places and chatting up the locals.

It usually happens just like this did. Such kind people in Peru. Between scouting out the markets and taking in the sites, it was a nice way to end the trip.

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