Saturday, January 21, 2012


A couple of days ago, I wondered why I hadn't had any dreams lately. Funny how you can call things forth...
Last night I had two dreams where everything around me was melting. Mountains, people and places I knew. 

It was a strange feeling because I was traveling to a place where I was going to die and was ready for it.
Such an odd calming feeling to know these were the last steps towards this particular destination. It would all dissolve and while watching, knowing I would dissolve with it. It stuck with me a bit this morning after waking.

As usual, I like to look up dream meanings and here's what I found for "melting":

When you move toward intimacy, you may dream of something melting as a symbol of how your defense tendencies are breaking down. Anything melting in a dream personifies the 'thawing out' and new life of something that was previously frozen. Dreaming of melting can show the hardness of your self protective tendencies and how they are being made more solvent in preparation for opening.

Something I've been thinking about lately. I'm happy it is.

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