Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time for an Upgrade

I wonder how long this will last?

Not one week after that thought crossed my mind, my computer decided to lock me out and stop working. Hello from my kindle! 

I had been looking at graphic design software and assessing the age of my computer when it decided to go take a very long nap. This is what I reminisce on as I tie twine to the remainder of items for sale at the cafe. Those business cards make damn good price tags.

So everything will be center type today. I've had this happen before - twice. Usually always when something is ending. Alas, with no ending there is no beginning so in strange way I am excited.

The worst of it for me is losing photos. It's like someone comes in and abruptly tells you that part of your life is over. There's no looking back. And they've taken away all the visual memories to prove it.

I make my peace with losing everything on my computer until I realize those bali pics probably are not backed up.


Zen turns to anger at myself for not backing up as I'm not ready to let those images go. So much for non-attachment, eh?

I want to hold them again and bask in the glow. But I realize they're not gone, they are with me in my heart and will always be there when I need them most. It might sound cheesy but my heart is the true hard drive and its always recoverable. A rest, a reboot or a wiping away of corrupted software might be needed from time to time. Don't question it.

I pour a splash o wine and side glance wondering if my aversion to deletion is still in full swing. Scrolling through my camera, i try not get my hopes up but have a strong feeling all is not lost. 

And there they are... I smile as I see temples, rainforests and papaya swings.

Someone decided to let me keep that time period. It is not currently set for deletion. I can release, let go and prepare for the next journey.

Mac store here I come

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