Friday, February 20, 2015

Rest in Peace

There is something eerie about finding out your friend has died via Facebook first thing in the morning.

And there's that realization as the beep rapidly approaches while making a call to confirm your suspicions as to "what type of message do I leave with this sort of thing?" 

It results with you just crying into the machine.

Nat Hall you were a kind, big hearted soul who made me laugh on a daily basis. We joked about our love for Journey, Grape Drank and I knew you were a kindred spirit when you could recite lines from the Dancing Outlaw. Quite possibly the best West Virginia PBS documentary ever made about a hillbilly tap dancer.

You were only down here for a short time but made a big impression on everyone and will be sorely missed. 

We piece together all kinds of people in our lives that become a family of sorts. In the end, when you lose one of them, that small stuff doesn't seem to matter much.

Time is short - enjoy every minute of it and do what you're supposed to do.

Rest in peace my friend....

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