Sunday, June 14, 2009

Working the Pole

This morning while catching up with the Captain, he mentioned he rocked out at a wedding last night."Funny you went to a wedding and last night I worked a bachelor party." I said

"Like on a pole?" he asked.
"No! At the restaurant." I responded with a funny look.

When I thought of it, it was quite a dance but sans pole. Last night I waited on 14 guys. When they sat, one of them said, "I don't know if you know this but this is a bachelor party."

"Yeah, I kinda guessed. It was either bachelor party or Pridefest." I responded with a smile. They gave me a blank stare then started laughing.

And we're off!

Each section of the table was different as I went down the line talking to all the men. Ranging from the uber polite bachelor to the token drunken dude who asked me in a funny hoity-toity voice what the soup du jour was.

Leaning over right next to him; gave him a smile and said. "It's the soup of the day. Yeah, I liked that movie too."

One of the guys had a red mark all down the left side of his face. He told me that today he "dove too aggressively in the pool" after a few drinks. Apparently his wife told him 15 times before he left to not drink and swim.

"Do you think she'll notice" he asked, wide-eyed like a little boy.
"Yes." I bluntly said.

His eyes opened wider and his friends laughed and pointed at him. As the night progressed, each time I came upon him he asked me if it looked better and if what he ordered had a self-healing property to it. "Why do you think I recommended it for you?" I said.

He asked me what he should do - I suggested some neosporin and told him to tell his wife "Baby, you were right." After running 12 credit cards, I got high-fived and hugged on the way out. Who doesn't love a group of cute, nice guys that like good food and wine?

Today, it was gorgeous out there on the snorkel boat. Rained a bit but turned the water into glass right after.

A group of Japanese guys came aboard the second trip and were having fun taking pictures. One asked if he could get a picture with me and I obliged. After that another one asked and so on and so on. This happened in the beginning and continued again when I was leaning over the side looking out at the water.

I have to admit, it was nice to get a little bow from each guy after we took a pic. One of the guys asked me to hug him in one of them and I just laughed as we did. Finally, I pulled out my camera and asked them if I could get a picture of all them with me. They nodded and gathered round real quick. CLICK.

We had to take 5 rounds of pictures for them as well. Even when I was getting ready to tie up the boat I was stopping each step to take a picture with each one.

Next week the captain is out of town but when he returns, it's gonna be rap music Sunday. Fo shizzle!

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