Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marketing Day

Had a full on marketing day the other day which included getting some info and pictures on a couple of great Cuban artists for the upcoming Art, Wine and Water show at Louie's Upstairs. Had to brush up on my Spanish to ask Eduardo Guerra a question in Spanish today about his history. Thank God for the online Spanish dictionary I found!

I love his collagraph prints and they're all made on homemade banana leaf paper. One thing I really dig about writing these press releases is learning about different artists and their inspiration.

Next up, getting prepped for an internet interview. My good friend Angie Arkin recently filmed a You Tube segment about her work. We've been working hard to get her website moving and this was a great opportunity to get some wicked PR via You Tube sensation Lilou Mace. She was amazing.

And finally, a day in Key West wouldn't be complete without a little body painting. The dog rolled over the minute I came up to the fence.

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