Friday, November 27, 2009

Where Am I Going?

I've been semi homeless for a month now. (at my own choosing of course). I gave up my old spot to enter into a new one and the wait period that was to be a week turned into many more. Eagerly waiting for the closing of a home that I was to move into made me have to release all my expectations and just go with the flow. Most days I had no idea if it would even come to fruition. A juicy piece of the whole "taxpayer real estate bailout system" which I'm surprised doesn't require urine and blood samples.

I had to let go of everything because anytime I'd try to start solidifying things it'd just turn to goo. So, I got used to it. Began to enjoy it. Leaving it up to fate if this place was meant to be. In the meantime living in a temporary space complete with one bag of clothes. The rest of my meager belongings spread out in an abandoned home also a victim to the new real estate market.

The sale finally went through and I began to plan to land. Very excited to have a work/live space again I spent days at the home depot, getting tools, paint and the necessary items to nest. Ah, if it was all that simple.

Two days later, complete with arguments, a haphazard move, car failure and a pair of shorts that split while trying to paint it was clear that this was not going to work.

After all that waiting, as soon as it solidified.... GOO.

And now to begin again. Square one. Lease proper storage space so foreclosure notices doesn't have to move me out at a moment's notice. Find a place where I have a space I can call my own. Get a new pair of shorts. Restart the car and move.

If you've ever tried to rent a space in Key West, you'll know this, most landlords down here are bizarre. Calling to ask about a space can be a quick trip to crazy-town that's why finding a good place to live is like gold. You really don't want to throw yourself back into that cesspool if you have to.

After making my decision to release, I resigned myself to jumping in and seeing what floats. Appreciative that I have a temporary space to stay and amazed that the one constant in my life right now is something that I never thought would even be an option.

As I wheeled myself to the hardware store to make a key so I can move out once more. The key maker asks "Are you leaving us?"

"Nope, just trying to find a new spot." I tell him. He keeps asking me what I'm looking for and seems to really want to know specifics. I tell him a room to rent and a price range. He tells me he might know of a place a friend of his is renovating and takes my number.

Suddenly, the choice I made to let go and fly feels like the most direction I've had all month.

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