Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beer and Strawberries

It was so nice out today, I took a dusk bike ride out to Albertson's to get some strawberries and beer. And what appears above was the new town neighborhood scene. Beautiful. Later it was infested with termites flying everywhere - a side effect of the sunset bike ride but totally worth it.

"Do you have some ID?" the cashier asked eyeing me up and down.

"Uh, no um, I'm 37." I stammered trying to remember my age.

This is Key West and it's a fact of life you need to carry ID if you even remotely look under 21. I have to card people too at work so I wait patiently wait prepared to leave with just strawberries. The bag boy runs off and I turned around to find out where he was going on. Three lanes down, him and manager try to gauge my age. He looked at me, mouthed something to the bag boy and then the bag boy gave a thumbs up with a smile and ran back.

The cashier continued still not believing me "What year were you born?"

"1973." I said, quickly realizing I gave her the wrong age when she first asked me how old I am. Total Score.

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