Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Had a really good day yesterday starting off on the right foot for the Spring Equinox.

Been talking about doing this forever and I finally did it. After learning a bit of photoshop, I made some of my paintings into cards. Walked down to the Garden Cottage store on Southard to show the owner and she loved them which was so great. She liked them so much she bought them all on the spot and handed me a check which I couldn't have been happier about.

I keep flashing back to my junior high art class where we got to make screen printed cards. I remember looking at one I made thinking this was really cool. Can't wait to experiment some more...

1 comment:

  1. hi penny. glad you are back to blogging. its been a long cold winter; and it sounds like you are back in the driver's seat.

    very cool ladybug cards, it must be great to do what you love to do.. and get paid every once in a while for it! keep on taking great pics.. esp. the clouds! i didn't know man-o-war washed up in the keys.. lookout! how about some ink drawings of jellyfish?