Thursday, May 20, 2010

Law & Order Has Been Cancelled

Law & Order has been cancelled this past week, literally. And I don't just mean that NBC show that's been on for the last 20 years or so.

Can't believe what's going on with this whole oil mess. Been scouring the news feeds for any information on what's being done but there's little to no info and if you do find some it's just PR spin.

The government and BP are fighting scientists who want to measure the damage which seems insane but not really when you look at all the crap that's been going on the last few years. Oh no, not actual facts that's scary!

Hell, even on a show like Law & Order they wouldn't let the suspect be in charge of the crime scene and that's a fictional show. We are all officially riding on the short bus.

All kinds of people have been coming up with solutions but BP won't have any of it. Personally, I'd feel much safer with these guys in charge.

Bring on the overalls!!

I can't believe I'd ever say this but I wish I had voted for Palin. At least I would have gotten a side of comic relief with our retarded disasters and at the very least some good Tina Fey skits. It makes me sick to see all the things we might be destroying. The water is an amazing place and has so many beautiful creatures that everyone can enjoy but because of some greedy bastards that's now threatened.

With this latest American crisis, I started thinking about all the shit I'm sick of:

Giant SUVs with "Perserve Wildlife" personalized license plates.

That there's more media coverage on the fashion stylings of Michelle Obama than actual news about the oil slick. It really doesn't amaze me that she can pair a JCrew sweater with something that's from a designer collection, tell me about the underwater oil plumes.

That fisherman who have lost their livelihoods are getting sick cleaning up this mess.

That mass media doesn't inform anymore they just create hysteria and shock TV.

The chain letter responses from my Senate and House representatives telling me they care and are on top of it. I don't give a shit if you care, just do something productive.

and finally...Oprah

I don't know what's going to happen but am glad to live in a place like Key West where its citizens are organizing like mad to help out. So many people deeply care about the water and environment down here so I have no doubt we'll manage the best way we can.

That independent spirit so rampant in these parts will ultimately be what saves us. I guess it's official... Bring back the Conch Republic.

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