Monday, May 24, 2010

Rest & Restless

I think I'm ready for a quick Va-Ca. That has been the realization this week. Usually I wait until September to go explore but I think this year, I will be making little trips instead of waiting for the big one.

This time of year when things start to slow down and a moment to come up for air is allowed is much needed. I've been fielding as much work as I can while I can but that has a burn out factor which I've finally come out of as of yesterday. Was exhausted and now finally feel rested. Funny how much that can affect your mood.

I was working my normal gigs. Then I wasn't. Then I was again with new appreciation and knowledge for what they really were - a choice to maintain my freedom so I could do what I want.

Too much work, not enough play can put you in a funk. The only thing that had been getting me out of it was water time. Paddling out to see two of the biggest sting rays I ever have did it for me last week. Painting with my oils again did it yesterday. Gotta mix things up from time to time. That means going to home depot to get a piece of wood to paint on. Was getting bored with my watercolors so I decided to jump back into oils. Found out I don't like painting on canvas, I like a $5 piece of oak.

What used to take me weeks to get motivated to try to draw now comes out effortlessly. Gessoed the board, drew out the design, knew the colors I wanted to use immediately. I think of the last few years it took to get to this point and now it just feels normal.

Printed out some stuff to package my new postcards I will sell. Forgot the last time I took cards into the Cottage store that packaging is an important marketing component. Used my photoshop skills quickly and produced something to put on a black fluer de lis box I found at Ross that fit the postcards perfectly. It was the only sized box that would work and that black mark on top of the box came out of a dream I had before I went to Spain. A confusing symbol that had woke me out of my sleep wondering what it was and now I know.

Getting antsy.

So many loose ends started this year that I think will come together this summer. Discovering the joys of photoshop and self-taught design but wanting more. Slowing down marketing for others so I can focus on my own stuff. Finding new ways to develop my art into whatever it will be. I need more exploration to push it all forward.

Funny how one thing leads into another. I got that feeling yesterday when I started to paint. All the things I'd been learning with my watercolors suddenly have new meaning in a different medium.

I have a feeling that will translate into other things in the upcoming months but right now I'm just wondering...What next?

All this pondering left me for a loop and a much needed bike ride to the post office. Riding past the Parrot, I see a bunch of half naked people crossing the street. Wha??? Oh yeah, it's the Re-cycle bike parade with all the town's locals converging at one point.

Go into the post office to check my mailbox. A soothing silence was interrupted by the loudest burp I had ever heard. Think it was the echo factor in that building. The dude continued as he opened up his box and found something he didn't like and the sounds continued.

Nice looks like the vacation is starting early. No tourists to coddle just some quality time with my half naked burping locals.

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