Thursday, October 21, 2010

2011 - It's All Good!

So part of the Artist Way class is to take yourself on an Artist Date each week. Basically it's picking something to do each week by yourself that interests you. I get excited thinking of new things to try out.

There's this astrology blog I read from time to time from this lady in Canada - Willow's Web Astrology. I've always enjoyed her insights and she's got a blunt writing style that I love. I've never had my astrology chart done and after seeing a Venus Retrograde reading sale, I was in. Plus you gotta love an astrology reading via Skype. Gave her the birthdate info and not much else. Didn't know what to expect.

Now just to let you know, I can be pretty skeptical of certain people who do this stuff. Hell, half the websites you see for astrology might as well just have a giant unicorn with a rainbow shooting out of its butt. But I chose wisely and picked someone who truly spoke to me.

Let's put it this way... Willow's description of her work is: "A practical application of cosmic energies from an astrologer who didn't drink the New Age Kool-Aid." And it's not everyday you see an astrologer telling someone to fuck off after they posted an off-hand remark in the comment section. She rocks.

I'm not going to go into major details but bottom line is I'm currently in a death and transformation phase that hit critical mass last week (Uh, yeah). All the things I've been considering for myself are right on track for where I am right now and the visions of what I want for myself and what I need to be doing are right there as well. I do have some serious work in front of me.

A very clarifying experience in the light of the almost full moon.

Holy crap, it lit a fire in me and I'm about ready to go fucking print myself out some T-shirts that just say "2011! It's all good!"

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