Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd - Oh Lord.

I first noticed Christmas music blaring in retail spaces and bars the last days of November. After stopping into a few places today to pick up some supplies, it was clear...

The Capitalism Clockwork Orange is upon us.

A few thoughts spring to mind while reaching for taco seasoning at the grocery store:

1) Did the U.S. government cultivate Christmas music as an anthem to subconsciously drill into people's head that they need to buy everything in their sight?

A very scary image of Alex from Clockwork Orange popped into my head. He was strapped in a chair with his eyes pried open watching a screen flashing all these things he thought he liked and wanted. Oh yeah...those are called commercials.

2) Did little baby Jesus want to be a showgirl? Does a Christina Aguilera Christmas song really portray the birth of a spiritual savior?

3) Why doesn't Key West have a Drag Queen manger scene? I bet the Virgin Mary would be fierce!

That's all for now. Time to go bedazzle my baby Jesus.

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