Saturday, February 26, 2011


And tired. Holy bejezus, season has officially kicked in.

This past week, got some major water time including a tour with a charter group. When I asked them what they were down here for I found out that they were here for an Anesthesiologists convention. "Oh, so you put people to sleep!" I quickly commented. "No we wake them up!" they corrected.

That should have been my first clue that this tour would not be my normal cruise shipper tour. One lady kept asking all kinds of crazy questions and when she started asking about the possibility of Native Americans living in the mangrove trees. I asked her "You mean like Indians?". I decided this wasn't going to get any better so I started pulling all kinds of bullshit out and you know what? It's not easy to bullshit facts with a lot of doctors who wake people up. It is entertaining though.

My co-guide had a look of shock on her face as I described things left and right. At one point I yelled out "Go Seminoles!" to divert more Indian questions. They were a nice group and several came up to congratulate me on surviving the tour.

Oh Otis, how I love thee. I am currently enjoying the Otis Redding channel on Pandora. We listen to a wide range of music at the restaurant but I really love it when Otis starts playing. It speaks to me.

Gotta love a play set with some soul along with Lionel Ritchie and the Johnny Cash live San Quentin prison album. Otis has been a shining star but this week he was slightly eclipsed when I got to try an egg custard ice cream with bacon that Jose made for a special. Holy crap, is bacon ice cream the shit.

Seriously thinking of putting the beast down. I realize I've become quite attached to my car. Although it may not be pretty and is pretty much held together by rust, that thing has gotten me out of a lot of jams in my life.

I know I've been prolonging the inevitable in giving it up especially since I really no longer use it except for a weekly grocery run. Heads turn and everybody clears out of our way as it squeals mercilessly into the parking lot.

But something just won't let me trash it. So many road trips, moves, escapes. Good lord, I love that damn thing. It's helped me run away at several key times in my life. Always been there for me, like a friggin' safety valve.

As it sits in the road, melting away I know it's time has come. It's one more thing from my old life to go.

I thought about it hard today and realized this great thought...I don't need to run anymore. That in itself is the biggest gift I could give to my beast of a car.

Will probably make my mechanic laugh when I bring it in one last time for the final prognosis but gotta do it. I've got to give it one last chance to survive before I put it down. It's the least I can do since its done exactly that for me these past years.

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