Friday, March 25, 2011

So Long Good Buddy

Turned in the Jetta. Surrendered my license plate. Got a new drivers license.

Come full circle and am carless once again. The last time I was sans car, I lived on the isle of Manhattan. I like this island better.

After I got my new drivers license I couldn't stop looking at it. It really looks like me. I mean ME.

Florida me, complete with sunkissed skin, wavy long hair and a dash of highlights. Don't think I've ever seen a pic that really reflects who I am like this one which is probably part of the reason I keep staring. The DMV is my new Glamour Shots.

Hell, the Jetta looks pretty good too! So long good buddy, you rocked.

R.I.P. Beast - 1996 - 2011

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