Monday, April 25, 2011


I have been trying to figure out what bird this was and leave it to a walk with Cricket to let me know. Cricket's good like that.

As we rested in the shade, one appeared above us and I immediately pointed up and asked her what it was. It's a Grackle. She mentioned how she used to see them swarm the trees in Costa Rica. Wow.

Finally. Sometimes stuff like that sticks in my brain until I get the answer. They follow me everywhere and have even tried to come in my house. Like walking through the balcony door just like a person making a visit.

In Spain, I used to have these really large black birds follow me from place to place. They felt like guardian angels, always hovering in the background watching over me. They would only fly away when I tried to capture them with my camera.

Kinda what these remind me of. The Key West version. Grackle!

Piercing yellow eyes. I love their name and especially their high-pitched grunt.

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