Monday, April 11, 2011

Scenes from a Tour

In the zone.

Found a couple of Conchs!

Ze tour.

James & Howard obviously enjoying themselves. I love this pic!

Been enjoying the paddle board tours a lot. Getting out on a board a couple times a week is sanity for me. Plus I just really enjoy getting people who've never done it out there. They have this moment of peace and enjoyment on their faces by the end I just can't describe. It's an awesome job and I was thinking this week how much I love it and how lucky I am.

Had a couple of characters on one of the tours. This one guy came up to the booth really wanting to go on a tour. He was amped, man! I was leaving in 10 minutes and told them they could join me if they wanted and so they did. Funny guys who I later found out are crew for Bob Weir (Grateful Dead dude) and were in Florida this week for some his shows. They decided not to ride the tour bus and drove their own van through the keys complete with their own kayaks.

They were really cool to talk to and the whole tour talked about all kinds of stuff while paddling around the mangroves. Who knew my old Boulder life would have come in handy when talking about String Cheese Incident and Broomfield to James. I asked why Bob hasn't made it down here yet. They say he always talks about it but he never actually makes it. I told them about the Green Parrot and all the awesome music that goes through there including the incredible Big Sam's Funky Nation. Howard had heard of Big Sam said he was going to try to talk Bob and the crew into coming down to kayak sometime. Now that would be a fun tour if they're anything like these two.

James got some cool shots with his Iphone and just sent them to me with a note telling me to hit the mainland this summer to hear some music. Thanks guys!

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