Sunday, May 29, 2011

Schooner Mini-Regatta

Robert Henry has been building a boat.

He asked me to paddle for him in the Schooner Wharf mini-regatta going on today. He started building 3 days ago.

I agreed on the condition that it must float (that marina water is poopy) and when I saw it for the first time I was shocked. It's friggin' tiny!

We had a test run yesterday in a pool and it was a little wobbly. The monster oar had me going in a zig-zag motion. His theme is Yacht Rock to which I got a little outfit for the maiden voyage. Today I refuse to answer anything unless you call me Buffy.

This should be interesting and by interesting I mean a little scary. It's hard for me to turn down someone building something they've creatively hand-made. Plus I was just curious to see how it would work.

Good Lord, who knew this would make me more nervous than the 12 mile paddle around the island I did a couple of weeks ago? Yet one more goofy decision to try something new without really thinking about it. Kinda like that time I decided last minute to play donkey basketball.

Gotta love Key West and their events - here's to staying afloat in the boat!

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