Monday, May 30, 2011

Schooner Mini-Regatta

Santiago's Little Dingy built by Captain Robert Henry. He walked around the corner to West Marine for the hat at which point the store guy warned him that walking down Duval in a pink shirt and a captain's hat would get his ass pummeled.

I loved it when the emcee asked politely for Captain and Tennille to get off the dock.

The scariest part was getting in the dingy which by the way, was possibly the tiniest boat there.

We were in the 8th heat so that was a lot of time for me to imagine falling in the poopy marina water. Nervous energy was abound. Lots of people, cameras and emcees declaring that the race would be seen on CNN, the AP and around the world. Would my possible poopy water swim be forever captured?

Robert Henry calmed my nerves with a few beers. A few too many apparently cause when we walked onto the dock it moved a little too much.

"Oh shit, I'm drunk!" I exclaimed.

"Me too!" Robert Henry concurred and did not inspire confidence for me on him holding the boat steady so I could get in. In fact it started to float off at one point when he got distracted.

The race was a lot of fun and we actually won our heat! I beat a guy with horns on his head and the Schooner Wharf breakfast crew. Woot Woot! Unfortunately I had to go to work that night so I couldn't race in the second one. Can't wait for next year.

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