Monday, August 1, 2011

Santiagos Staff Party

Let the X-mas in July party commence!

Heart hugs at Snipes!! Above is one of the Santiago boats out there yesterday. It had a bar, buffet table, keg and a Great Dane. As we rolled up on it in our much roomier ride someone let out "Holy Shit! It's the Clampetts!" They ran aground and out of gas on the way home.

I've heard so much about Snipes but it was my first time out with the crew. A pretty place to hang for the day. Rob and I both commented how much it reminded us of Lake of the Ozarks back in Missouri but with much prettier water. I think the correct phrasing was "purty water".

I forgot how much I missed my Sunday boat shifts on the ride out to Snipes. Love being on a boat for a change and was a lot of fun hanging with the Santiagos crew. They definitely know how to have a good time.

Pfiffer getting some noodle time.

Dane on the loose!

The much roomier boat the 10 of us rode in on. You can see the obvious size difference and how retarded it is as the "Kids table" boat is pictured to its left.

Partial Santiagos crew pic.

This boat cracked me up. We kept calling it the Kid's table. There was almost a fire on it too. While filling up on some potato salad, I noticed smoke come out under the keg. Thought it was ice melting - nope it was the battery.

Not a total surprise when it hit ground and ran out of gas on the way back. I think they had plenty of drinks and food to keep them company while they got rescued thankfully.

Loving the ride home.

Old friends...

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