Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wake Up

I did not expect to yell at 6 women on a pontoon boat atop a highway bridge today. Guess it was loud cause two heads in an open Jeep swiveled around right after my first go round with it. "You're tearing up the seagrass!" I yelled to the boat in an attempt for them to notice the carnage created behind them on this perfectly sunny day.

Would that wake them up? Nope, the lady just kept putting it in high gear looking forward like she was on her way and didn't have a care in the world. And when I yelled out to them a second time, they still didn't care. At most, all I got was a lackluster shrug accompanied with an annoyed "Well, what do you want us to do?"

How 'bout, get your head out of your ass for starters? Maybe have some sort of awareness of what kind of damage you're doing or even care about it for that matter?

We all make mistakes but when you just don't give a shit about your surroundings or when you trash them while taking no responsibility for the situation you have gotten yourself into? Well then, you madame, are an asshole.

It kills me to see this stuff and this is the weekend for it. Labor Day, a.k.a. "the end of summer" This holiday weekend usually scares me more than most cause people get very angry about summer ending. There's a higher idiot factor due to the fact that they don't want to go back to their real life. And it gets a little ugly...

Hey look, I know it sucks to have to go back to that office, but please keep that to yourself. Don't come down here and trash my office.

My wish is that people would wake up and understand...If you care about your surroundings and the people in them, they will care about you. I think that's why many say Key West is so different than any other place they've visited in the US. They care and you know what, I'm damn glad they do.

Definitely started thinking about it this week. All the people in this town are my family. It's not always perfect but we care about each other and are connected. Get the right band playing at the Parrot and it's like a goddamn group hug.

So try it. You might like it. And please be kind to my island.

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