Monday, April 16, 2012


Something old.

Something new ~ My how time flies.

The E connection...Above: Gabriella painting by Anfinson early days at the old Lemonade Stand and below now at his awesome 
Mockingbird Studios.

So excited to have a couple days off in a different locale. After a very busy season, I need some days where I don't ask people what they want or need. 

Finished up the paintings, framed them and then brought them into the store. She took all of them which was awesome. It was such a big deal to do this the first time that I cannot believe how easy it was now. 

Above is a book release party at Eric's beautiful Mockingbird Studios.

His yard is amazing and although I was totally listening in this pic, it's hard not to scan the property while doing so. 

I'm pretty sure I was staring at the shack which he graciously let me live in for a few months before Spain. Such good memories of that. His backyard feels like a second home.

The way I ended up in that shack is strangely happening again. My good friend Cricket is leaving town for good. Its sad, but not as jarring as she left the first time. 

Things that started a couple years back then seem to be looping around again in a different form. Perhaps the conclusion of what started? 

I do know one thing. After finishing up the framing and taking those paintings in, something finally released and its all gotten a bit easier lately. 

For now, St Louis is calling. Looking forward to heading home for some downtime to refresh.

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