Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Spring has sprung and riding around today, I forgot how beautiful Old Town can be. 

Been having some fun finding thrift store frames and figuring out how to repaint them so I can frame some of my pieces in an affordable manner. Framing usually costs an arm and a leg but is such an important part. I've always put it off for some reason. I really like this way of doing it.

Treasure hunting in the Salvation Army has become a rush and I hate to say it but maybe Garage Sale Saturdays might yield more. There's something about looking past the surface ugly to uncover pure gold. Sometimes that in the past has lead me astray but in this case, it's working.

So far so good. Ben Franklin has the mats and glass and I made friends with the resident framer who is also a watercolor artist. He understands the thrift. I need to ask him about where to get my hands on some butchers paper.

But its not just the money. The fun part about this thrifting is coming across wooden frames that have some character. I match up each painting with its framing cohort. The other benefit - bike rides.

While riding and picking up spray paint and other supplies, I get more inspiration. My leaf obsession is ongoing and its perfect that it's going to be the first round that gets framed. Above is a leaf I picked up a couple months ago. I love it.

What a great day off.

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