Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Arizona! - Painted Desert and Petrified Forest

Now besides Sedona, the other thing that caught my eye while researching this area was the Petrified Forest. 

Pieces of wood preserved from the dinosaur era. Doesn't sound exciting but when I saw pictures from this place I immediately wanted to go.

It looks like Mars. Or some out of this world planet. 

When we started the day, I could tell Toni was a bit grumpy. We've been friends a long time and so when I asked what was wrong she confided in me that she was feeling a tad constipated and hence the grumpiness. 

I quickly responded with "Oh great, you're constipated and I'm taking you to see petrified logs. You gonna be ok?" 

I was serious, but the minute it came out of my mouth we both busted up laughing and continued on our journey. That's why I love me some Toni, we can always laugh about stupid shit.

It was such a cool place to visit and HUGE. We drove through the park and stopped at different spots along the way. I never quite understood why people loved the desert until this trip. Its beautiful in so many ways. Open skies, expansive views, wispy clouds to name a few.

Definitely recommend this park and one of the things I love most about Arizona is the ability to drive a mere 1 1/2 hours and end up in an entirely different landscape.

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