Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arizona! 'ze Trip Report

The tram ride at MIA. Oddly beautiful

Ginormous Moooooon on the drive from Phoenix

"The Fallen" first cool thing seen in Flagstaff

It is Saturday and I'm tired after a busy work night. Right now my landlord is planning to tear a hole in my closet so I can have a new AC unit. He's a little crazy and cheap. So instead of focusing on how he's gonna rip a hole in my closet near all my belongings, I'm gonna update this blog instead.

Before this trip began, I had to update my phone. My flip phone had finally started to come undone and not a moment too soon. I held on long enough to get the iphone 5 and can I say that I am absolutely alarmed at how much I love this device. 

At first, I was tapping on it like a 60 year old woman trying to turn something on but I have progressed.  

As a traveler the two things that I love the most about it are the camera and the GPS app. Instagram is my new crack and I have no idea how I lived without the GPS before now. At one point on this trip, I thought I had lost the phone and was so terribly sad. It disturbed me how attached I got to it in one week. 

So there is my plug for an iphone. I am also currently downloading an app so Toni and I can share photos at any time. All of these pics were taken with such phone. 

The ride to Phoenix was one of the smoothest transitions through MIA in decades. We both landed from different cities in Phoenix around sunset and started the drive to our first destination Flagstaff.

Flagstaff reminded me of Boulder but without the trust-a-farian attitude. It was a quaint mountain town where people just call it "Flag". I had found an art gallery to sleep in on a great site called AirBnB. A place where people can rent out their house or a room to complete strangers. All I had to do was fill out a profile first and wait to get accepted. I credit such acceptance to me saying that I liked books.

So as we met our first host and she showed us around the gallery, she flipped a switch on a plywood box and told us it needed to warm up a minute. After she gave us the rounds of the place she told me to go into said box. 

It was pitch black and as I went in and I could hear her say, "Ignore the first curtain, push past the second one, keep going..." I thought, "well this is an interesting way to start - being pushed inside a black box by a stranger.  But it was magical.

Once past the two curtains, a lighted show appeared before my eyes and "Whoa!" came out of my mouth. Hundreds of little soldier heads made of wax and lights hung from the ceiling. I immediately ran back out cause I needed my camera. I also grabbed Toni to come in and check it out.

This was going to be a great trip.

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