Friday, March 22, 2013

But You Don't Have Any Accents

So I'm sitting here contemplating yoga but am tired after 3 doubles this week so I'll share a cool night instead.

Worked and went to check out the new World of Beers after work. The last time I was in this old space it was for a Kiss cover band, my have times changed. 

Really great bar with every beer imaginable. Got to drink beer out of a snifter glass and enjoy a Boulder IPA. Can you taste Colorado through a can? The answer is YES as I had flashbacks of Boulder drinking and remembering my old stomping grounds.

As usual when I go to a bar some stranger starts to talk to me. This one was from Ohio and asked if I was local.

After I said yes, he just kept saying in disbelief how strange it is that none of us locals have accents. "Nobody has accents down here. Nobody." he kept saying over and over again like we were an alien race. For some reason it haunted me and has stuck with me all day.

After one I was done and was happy to get off Duval to enjoy a ghost town ride home. 

At some point my phone randomly switched onto this sound app which I heard coming from my purse. Its one of those goofy things I added to my iphone when I first got it and now officially love it. Waves from Oregon. 

So riding home I listened to waves crashing while taking pics of cool creepy trees at 3am. Probably the best random thing of the night.

I loved the sound so much I fell asleep to it and I gotta tell you, waking up to waves makes the day a little brighter.

Ok, one more shift...Two days off and lots to do.

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