Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Chickens

There's a reason why the post office is going to a 5 day a week service.

Waiting at the front of an ever growing line, I started laughing and wondering when the postal workers were going to bitch slap one of the customers.

One guy was trying to convince the postal worker to hand over a certified letter to him for his friend. Another was asking for tape cause he didn't want to use his saliva to close an envelope. As their antics stopped up service, the rest of the line got to talking.

"That's nothing! Last week I watched a guy mail live chickens to New York. He just punched some holes in a box and shipped it while the whole post office was crying laughing. I know what he was thinking, they're really pretty and I want one - why not ship them?" This man even showed me a pic of the box o chickens.

Another one said he saw a guy try to mail a live reptile. "They didn't even ask if it was a poisonous breed. What if he was trying to kill someone???"

Did it get mailed, you ask? Why yes. 

I asked both these gentlemen if all items shipped were found in the Winn Dixie parking lot. 

But I think my favorite part of this whole encounter was the T-shirt worn by the guy who showed me the chicken pic.

FLORIDA - A sunny place for shady people.

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