Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Balsamic Moon

They say today is a balsamic new moon. A good time for endings and letting go. 

Right on schedule. 

This year continues to be a review of things from the last eight and the growth along the way. Revisiting ghosts of the past and difficult times to finally say goodbye.

Recently realized I was trying to fit back into a life that didn't necessarily fit me well, but still wanted to try. And having bodily pains while trying.

I spoke up for it from my heart. Because my heart wanted to see if that life would really be the one I thought it to be. 

Funny thing is time moves on and with it us. Guess I didn't realize how much until I looked back.

What I discovered is that this life, the one I thought was so wonderful, doesn't exist anymore.

And the kicker when I think about it... is it might never have.

What's next, I don't know. But now there's space for it to grow.

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