Friday, November 15, 2013

Whatever happened to coffee?

Post work Green Parrot drink with Monica and the second time in about a week some guy has asked me to take him home and have sex with him. 

This time it was a robot salesman who I got to do a robot dance. This will be a new accomplishment section on my resume. I mean how many times do you get to see a robot salesman do the robot?

He started telling me about how he sells and trains surgeons on these specialized robots for surgery.

"Oh the DaVinci?" I asked.

He looked shocked that I knew what it was but even more shocked that I pulled out my robot moves when he first came over and introduced himself to me. He wanted to know just how I knew he sold robots. 

I didn't.  I just like to do this one weird dance move from the 80's to freak guys out and give myself a good laugh while watching them try and figure out if I'm just that cool or retarded. (Its the little things in life that make me happy)

I told him my mother had been operated on with such a robot. He then asked how her hysterectomy went and we proceeded to discuss her operation and recovery.

Strange how small this world is and even stranger how a conversation about lymph nodes and swelling eventually leads into him asking "how bout you take me home and fuck my brains out?" 

Um, no thanks. Whatever happened to would you like to get a cup of coffee sometime? 

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