Saturday, November 23, 2013

Are you a Yogi?

"Would you like to teach yoga class?" the yoga studio owner asked me.

I opened my eyes and looked up from my heavy breathing to say "Who me???" Like who else would she be speaking to when she's leaning over me pushing my thighs into my stretch a little further?

"Um, I don't know?"

"You look like a yogi. You feel like a yogi to me."

Could it be that coming everyday to class makes you a yogi? I've become a regular fixture at the studio and feel off if I don't spend my mornings bending myself into a pretzel and sweating trying to remember to stack my hips in downward facing scorpion.

"I love it." is all I could say wondering if I could teach. 

I can't bend all the ways I want to but I do know I absolutely feel like myself more and more every time I "hit the mat". Splurged this month on a good mat and recycled fish food yoga mat bag that I absolutely love.

Options...And just like my practice, things keep opening up.

Yoga practice is my meditation and for now it helped erase a guy getting in my face and yelling at me last night about how he couldn't get happy hour because our clocks were set two minutes fast. 

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